3 Ways to Decorate Year-Round Using Christmas Lights

19th August 2018


3 Ways to Decorate Year-Round Using Christmas Lights

19th August 2018

Christmas lights are very versatile and there are a number of ways to reuse them throughout the year.

Here are three ways to use Christmas lights to decorate your home after Christmas.


1. Decorate Your Child’s bedroom or Playroom:

Hanging some fairy lights from the ceiling, or around the bed frame of your child’s room gives it a magical touch. You can also use them as a nightlight, but don’t use too many lights or they won’t fall asleep at bedtime.

2. Decorate Your Fireplace:

Fireplaces add warmth and depth to any room, but some wood-burning fireplaces just end up collecting dust most of the year. Transform your fireplace into the centerpiece of the home by using Christmas lights.

Simply drape your lights over unused firewood or line your fireplace with lights and add some candles to the mix. Then, plug in the lights and enjoy a similar warm glow that you would get from a real fire – without the hassle.

3. Create a Cosy Outdoor Space:

Add sparkle to your next back garden party. You can use fairy lights or festoon bulbs to drape over a pergola or hang between trees. Hang lights along a fence or hedgerow. For extra extravagance, wrap tree branches in lights to excite any space. A lit garden can be enjoyed all year round: on a warm summer night, drinking with friends or admired through the window on a cool autumn evening.