Real tree, or not real tree, that is the question.

9th September 2019


Real tree, or not real tree, that is the question.

9th September 2019

The Christmas tree is the pinnacle of any decorating project. And, there is one debate that still divides many seasonal pros and avid DIYers alike.

 Whether you’re a traditionalist who loves the look, feel and smell of a fresh cut real tree or you love the ease and simplicity of an artificial tree. There are pros and cons to both.

We’ll go over both below, and also highlight tips and tricks on how to decorate each style.


Artificial Trees 

There has been a huge rise in the sale of artificial trees in recent years. These aren’t the same brightly coloured, fire hazard ones your gran used to get from Woolworths back in the day. Today, artificial trees come in all shapes and sizes. We stock many that are remarkably realistic and from a distance, even the trained eye would struggle to spot the difference.

A lot of artificial trees also come with the option of ‘pre-lit’ which means the lights are already installed, saving you another tedious task in the run-up to the big day. They can also be much heavier dressed as the frames of the trees can withstand considerable weight in comparison to real tree branches.


· No needle drop – no mess.

· Easy to install -especially if its pre-lit.

· Can be used year after year.

· A much fuller and more symmetrical looking tree.


· Big initial expense – Good trees start at £200+

· Storage space required

· No fresh tree scents/aromas


Fresh Trees

 There is still a huge demand for fresh-cut trees with the suppliers producing better- and better-looking trees year after year. Our local tree farm sells over a million trees a year! Wow!

One thing I love about fresh tress is the family traditions that come with it. I recall as a young boy, with my family, going to the local farm to pick out what would be the perfect tree. We’d get hot cocoa and eat mince pies and probably have Christmas music playing in the car on the way. This for me is what Christmas is about.

With that said a fresh tree requires a lot of work, care and attention if you want it to last until New Year – that’s not to say it’s not worth it though. Is there a more thought-provoking smell at Christmas than the smell of a Christmas tree?


· That Christmas tree smell.

· Supporting local business.

· Pick your own and make it a day out.

· Did I say the smell?


· Requires work. (pots/stands, watering)

· Messy, even non-drops do indeed drop.

· Limited options.

· It is a yearly expense.


Christmas, Inc. Top tips. 

Fresh Tree

 1. If you’re using a fresh tree, place it near to natural light. This means by a window, if there’s a radiator there, turn it down a bit. The tree will dry out quicker if it gets too warm.

2. If you didn’t see it get cut, then cut an inch or so off of the base, this will help it drink water and keep it fresher longer.

3. Rather than light a real tree round and round, scatter lights in and out. By going up and down each branch you’ll get a much fuller luxurious look.

4. Hang larger decor towards the middle of the tree and smaller lighter ornaments towards the ends. This adds depth but will also stop those branches from bending.


Artificial Tree

 1. Fan the branches/fronds outwards and upwards to create a more realistic look. Real trees don’t grow down!

2. If pre-lit, try not to hang ornaments on these branches, you’ll want to keep some lights on show.

3. Keep size in mind. Use larger ornaments towards the base and smaller ones up top. Unless you want it to look like a weird science experiment gone wrong.

4. Don’t be afraid to use natural elements if you want a more realistic looking tree. Pinecones and berries work wonders.