Decorate Your Home With Christmas Ornaments

1st December 2018


Decorate Your Home With Christmas Ornaments

1st December 2018

The Christmas tree is looking perfect. What about the rest of the house?

Ornaments can be used to decorate far more than a tree. Here are a few ways you can use Christmas ornaments to spruce up your home.

Hang them on a Chandelier:

Let your ornaments hang around some hanging lights. You can attach them with ribbons and little hooks, and instantly transform the lighting into a Christmas centerpiece.

Use them as Accessories:

Smaller ornaments can make for great accessories! When using ribbon or string to tie up your presents, consider adding a small red ball ornament to the string. If you’re hosting a dinner party, use small ornaments to create a table setting. Simply take some string and tie a small ornament to a folded or rolled up napkin.

Place them in Creative Spots:

There are sure to be plenty of nooks and crannies in your home that could use a little decorating. Adding a few ornaments to these spots can immediately change the look of a room. You can hang ornaments around the edges of potted plants or use a ribbon to hang them from a window latch. You can even fill jars with them.

Keep in mind that some of your lower hanging ornaments may be in reach of pets or children. For safety reasons, it may be best to purchase some of our shatterproof ornaments to decorate with.

Fill a Lantern:

Another great place for ornaments is in a candle lantern. Rather than lighting a candle, some people fill these lanterns with ball ornaments to match the Christmas theme. These ornaments can be switched with different colours throughout the year to match different holidays.

Enjoy and remember, decorating is about have fun and reworking what you have in new ways!