Lights for life

20th April 2020


Lights for life

20th April 2020

Lights, more than any other decoration I believe evoke a range of feelings and emotions that don’t have to just be experienced at a Christmas, why not enjoy them all year long!

Now more than ever I feel this post could serve us best. With the current situation the world faces itself in, most of us are keeping safe at home. I am one of those many, at home, itching to get back into the swing of things.

With all this time at home we now have, I’m sure a lot of people are catching up on that list of jobs to do around the house. You know the one you’ve had for years!

Now with the warmer weather approaching, I’m sure that list has turned to the garden. After all, we’ll be spending a vast amount of time here in the coming weeks (especially if you have little ones) So, I thought I’d share a few very simple ideas to make those long days more productive and help make those warm evenings more enjoyable.

I love this one! Such a simple idea, use an old watering can and hang some lights from the end, which would look great in the day or at night. If you used chasing lights it would even look like the water trickling.

Simple but effective. Made from some thick branches with festoon bulbs strung between. What a great way to light up an outdoor dining area.

Again, keeping the up-cycle and recycle theme. This one uses an old wooden ladder to hang festoon bulbs from. The advantage of this one is you could also hang foliage from the ladder too and really dress it up.

If you have a pergola or covered area in the garden, string fairy lights or festoon lights up. This will create a really pretty area to sit under in the evening.

Recycle old jars. These bulbs in jars could be hung anywhere, from a tree in the garden or pergola. I like the idea of using jars of different shapes and sizes for a real ornate look.

Scattering lights through a tree is so simple but the outcome so effective. Not only do the lights add an ambiance to the garden that is hard to archive elsewhere. This is one effect that can really be enjoyed from inside the house too. (as long as you have windows facing the garden.)

As you can seem with a few lengths of fairy lights or festoon bulbs, the possibilities are endless. You really can create wonderful focal points with very little effort. Then all you need is to sit back and enjoy all year long.

You’ll also be ready to impress when we’re allowed to socialise properly again and you have that summer BBQ for all your friends and family.

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