Post-Christmas blues and ideas on how to overcome them

12th February 2019


Post-Christmas blues and ideas on how to overcome them

12th February 2019

Doesn’t the place feel a little empty now that Christmas has all been packed up?

We miss seeing all the lights and beautiful decorations that adorn the streets, homes, and shops over the Christmas period. Our house feels a little stark now the tree has been packed up. However, just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean you can’t continue to decorate your home in various ways to add a little cheer for the other seasons.


Door wreaths

There are a variety of stories as to the beginnings of the door wreath. Some say it represents the thorns worn by Christ on the cross and others claim the wreath symbolises victory and that Romans hung them on their doors after a win in battle.

Whatever the meaning may be, we find them an excellent way to dress the front of your house all year round.

How about, a spring/Easter themed wreath using a variety of spring flowers (tulips and daffodils) to add a little post-Christmas cheer. A simple chic, plain wicker wreath with luxury bow works well for the summer and in the autumn use pine cones and berries as a pre-Christmas decoration. Also, don’t forget Halloween – you can have fun with the kids making a pumpkin inspired wreath using orange coloured décor and hessian to welcome those trick or treaters.



Your rooms may be filled with poinsettia, holly, and firs over the Christmas holiday, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t other reasons to dress your house with flowers and foliage the rest of the year.

Fresh flowers can admittedly become expensive to constantly replace and refresh, but how about artificial flowers that you change with each season? These can be arranged to suit the colour and décor of each room rather than the season itself. Then replace them every so often and put the old ones away ready for next year.

In our house, we have a variety that we change around every few months. This keeps the place feeling fresh and also adds a little changing colour to our home.



We talk about this a lot. Fairy lights can be used all year round. Use them to dress up your garden for those summer nights or drape over a headboard in the children’s room to add a little evening sparkle.

Inside you’ll want to choose either low voltage or battery lights. These will be thinner, more delicate in appearance and not too unsightly. Look for white or clear cable too. Some online stores offer copper cable which looks great. Fill an old-fashioned jam jar or glass vase with the lights and voila, you have an attractive mantle top piece.



Candles, like flowers, seem to be sold in an abundance at Christmas time. Why not fill your house with fragrance for the rest of the year. There are lots of great smelling candles available to buy, or why not create your own using your old candle jars, soy wax and essential oils. You can create different scents every season. Or like us – just keep recreating that mulled wine and cinnamon smell all year round!